What We Do

We build networked, full sensory-engaging VR experiences shared by multiple people in 4D real-time, real-space. 

We envision fluid transitioning through grandiose virtual worlds, uninhibited by physical and social restrictions, creating lasting memories for our guests.

We enhance engagement by creating "ring stand" motion tilt platforms (patented) and a unique multi-user "holodeck" environment (also patented). 


Immersive destination VR venues,
hard/software patents
& crowd-based solutions

Our 10 Words


We had the foresight to address mass commercial hardware sanitation with a patented solution to make shared visors safe for our guests (yes, you guessed it...patented).

We appeal to millions of global guests that want a VR experience without an investment in hardware or learning curve.


We care about the future of VR/AR education and entertainment and are passionate about quality entertainment.

Our patents solve crowd-based commercial challenges, meet health and safety benchmarks, real-time sensory immersion and turn solitary visor experiences into socialized interaction.

Commercial sanitation: Our sanitation cradles eliminate mass contagion, bacteria and fluid transfer.

Complete immersion: Use of UWB tracking and the tagging of mobile and immobile objects allow guests to manipulate and move those objects.

Gamespaces of up to 100 meters squared(!) for movement and an experience non-duplicatable in a home environment.

Social isoluation: All guests share a single gamespace, seeing each other as they move with life-size avatars.

What Problems Do We Solve?


Tel: 760-613-2381

2052 Columbus Way

Vista, CA  92081

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