VR should be a shared experience

Our Strategy

We enable your visions and dreams, helping you to turn them into reality for your guests. You imagine the experience and we'll work with you to make it happen, utilizing software, hardware, or more commonly, both. We network users together to create illusions they can smell, see, touch, and hear, and work with you create lasting memories of places that never were.

We create patented technologies that allow many simultaneous guests to share the same VR experiences together, sensing, touching, and interacting with the dreams that our content partners imagine and craft. From hardware to software, crafting new tech and utilizing the best existing tech, we enable unparalleled experiences.

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Our story

We are designers, technologists, engineers, producers, and creatives of all types and we see virtual reality as the new frontier. We've created dozens of AAA-games and virtual worlds, entertaining millions of customers and generating over a billion dollars in revenue.

Our Vision

The virtual reality home experience is expensive and limited in scope. It could be so much more to so many. Reality Dept works with content providers to establish on-site, high-end entertainments that let guests enter the world of virtual reality at its highest potential, not only seeing and hearing the experience, but touching it, interacting with it, and sharing the environment with scores of other people in real-time.


No single peripheral does all of what we need in any given experience. So we investigate all of them and use what's best suited for what we're creating. Sometimes what we need doesn't even exist, so we create those technologies, patent them, and keep moving forward. We talk to everyone, we're tech agnostic, and we use what's best to make the best.


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